Thursday, 29 September 2011


recently i have been developing an obession with eyebrows
you wont believe the difference a manicured eyebrow can make to ur face shape

personally i prefer thick eyebrows
i think they just suit the face better. thin eyebrows give the impression of you always being constantly surprised

and here are two celebrity eyebrow shapes i admire:

megan fox has got to be one of most beautiful women ever

i love camilla belle's style and she is soo beautiful

but my philosphy is to stay close to your natural shape, and on some women thin eyebrows suit them better,
lets just take angelina jolie:
its hard to deny angelina jolie is a beautiful individual, and those eyebrows compliment her

but i think its safe to say that thick eyebrows are in the moment (even though i dont believe in trends!) but just look at hayden panitierre (i cant spell her name!), adriana lima and many more of your favourite celebritities

so now onto how do you groom your eyebrows....
my favorite technique is to get it professionally done and then pluck of any stray hairs. its really cheap and it lasts quite a while

in my opinion it would be a good investment to get your eyebrows professionally done. here in Australia you can get them for at least $10

now onto my own eyebrow issues!
as i said before megan fox is my beauty idol. i really love the shape of her eyebrows and i have been trying to copy it

here is a lovely photo of her eyebrow evoloution

my personal favourite is 2008, but i think my shape is more like her 2007 shape, even though she has more of an arch than i do

but i think its time i wrapped up my daily rant about eyebrows

if you want advice on eyebrow plucking just go onto youtube and put in eyebrow plucking. there are some real gems, alternatively you can leave a comment and i'll reply with my favourite one

NB: i do not own any of the photos (except for the last one) and no copyright infringment was intended. if there is a problem contact me

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