Monday, 3 October 2011

new shoes

So i havent told you, but im off to france at the end of the year. SO EXCITED!!!
but since its spring here ATM and it will be winter there I decided to go out and buy some shoes

so heres the first pair. Novo

I love these and the fur definately gives it this Francey feel
I usually like pencil thing heels coz they look better but im kinda of a comfort before style person and these thick heels are just soo comfy
as soon as i tried them on i new i wanted some!

and the next pair was, ninewest
there was no point showing you the front but the other side is exactly the same
im still unsure about these ones because its just not something i'd wear and like i said i ahte heels like that
but its was soo reduced from ($260 to $27) and such good quality that i couldnt not buy it
..and if i dont like it i can always ebay it hahha

but yes this a warp of the new shoes i brought
i also have some vintage items which i want to share with you. when i dont feel so lazy :)

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