Thursday, 13 October 2011

i'll call this one: summer glow

Its summer here in the southern hemisphere. WOOOOO!

today i had a rare day off school, and it was sunny outside.I am going to a barbeque later on and this is what i'll wear!
I love the metallic top paired with the printed skirt, and the red coat. As i have been saying, Im trying to get rid off black from my wadrobe and this is the best outfit i think for this.

also I wore my red coat which i brought specifically for Tres chic for france! In less than a month I will be leaving! sooooo excited.

also I have worn wedges, They are Tony Bianco, an Australian brand. they are soo comfy, and a lot of my outfits feature wedges, quite possibly the best thing ever invented. but yes i think thats enough talking, here are some pics of the accesories i wore



  1. That is such an adorable outfit! And that is also super exciting that you're going to France! It's my dream to go too! So lucky!
    I love your blog, definitely following. :)

  2. awww thank you! i cant comment on your blog?!


thanks for your comments.. it means the world to me!