Sunday, 16 October 2011

Just some more of my crush: miroslava duma

This woman is my idol. she has amazing style, is young and successful and shes living the dream life. for those who dont know, she is actually the editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia. such a successful woman and shes not even 30 yet! she also just recently gave birth to boy, in october 2010. here are some pics of her hosue

she is officially my new fashion idol. im sorry to all my readers but shes all im gonna drool on about.

here some more miroslava love

I am now off to study hard. i have a major exam coming up in 2 weeks and then its friday. so its going to be hectic!

thank you lovelies


  1. Amazing photos! Now following your blog- found you on chictopia:)

  2. Lovely post! And good luck for your exams! I'm following you now as well, I found you through Chictopia :)


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