Thursday, 20 October 2011

My new style crush: leigh Lezark
a former it girl, from last yearish, part of the misshapes. i was surprised at the lack of fashion blog hype this woman got. and i thought i would at least do my best to correct this trend. this owomen has very quirky style which one cant help but admiring, heres some love:

of course i was talking about the MisShapes and here a good song from them ( skip to about 0:30):

i also want to share the song that im obssesed with:

and now im off to yet again do more homework, also my grandparents are over, so its difficult for me to take photos of what im waering, but when i get time i will. thats a promise!



  1. she has such a nice style! x

  2. i LOVE her dark hair and porcelain skin :) great style too!

    xx jamie

  3. Her style is great! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!



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