Sunday, 23 October 2011

make up looks im loving!
im well aware that this a "fashion" blog, but it is also a blog about my life. and make up is a favourite of mine so i thought i would do a blog about my inspirational makeup looks

let me just give you a rundown on what i wear.

the full foundation, with powder bronzer, blush

eyeliner, sometimes winged

mascara, at least 3-5 coats, depending on the mascara

lipstick, then coated with gloss- i prefer lipstick because the colour is  more intennse, usually a bronze/brown colour, but sometimes a red

i always, always fill in my eyebrows- im obsessed with them! in fact one of my first posts was about eyebrows :)

rose byrne

penelope cruz

Brigitte Bardot, my makup idol

megan fox

audrey hepburn

i was actually thinking of studying make up atistry and being a makeup artist while studying at university! theres a randomn fact of the day


here are some of my favourite celebrity makeup

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