Friday, 7 October 2011

New skirt+ bag+ new outfit

i brought this lovely floral skirt at Bardot, I saw it on the sale rack; it was reduced from $120 to $20, the reason being it was a size 6 and that was the last size they had and it was from summer. so sometimes i can squeeze into a size 6, so i tried it on and guess what?... it fit like a glove.

i paired it up with my stripey tops, for some reason i love mixing pattern and pattern, i think it works quite well.

also in this shoot, i decided to leave my hair out. what do you like better, hair out or hair up?
just some more pictures of the skirt :)
its very flowy and i love it sooo much!
also the lovely thing about maxi skirts is that they are transseaonal: they can be worn in winter and in summer! in winter just wear some tights and underneath and you are all good

this skirt would be perfect for france

i also found this red meseenger bag that would be perfect for france. its red and it spices up any outfit! and it looks totally french and this one too is cheap! it was only $10 :O

i also brought this lovely skirt! its a tad more expensive than i usually get but it was still lovely so i brought it! i think this one would be aammzzziingggg for france. esp with the bag. just perfect

i was thinking of taking possible outfits for france and then posting them on here. possible thoughts on that!

anyways merci et au revoir

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