Sunday, 23 October 2011

this one is called the "borrowed from mum outfit part 2"
the main centrepiece of this outfit was a vintage sweater borrowed from mum. You may remember i have started raiding my mums wadrobe, because i think the best vintage comes from mum. i cant put a finger on what makes vinatge soo appealing to me, but i think it has a lot to do with the fact that its comfy, and it has its own stroy. I dont know, there is something ssooooo beautiful about vintage! my favourite era is the 1940s closely followed by 1920s i love the femeinism of those two eras, and i would definately say my style is feminine

also these are the boots i featured in a previous post! they hhave a chunky heel, and i brought them primarily for france :) i love the wool and the buckles.

i have also developed a love for headbands... dont laugh and call me an 8 year old, they can actually be very stylish. heres my pick for the best ones:

but i'll wait until after racing season to stock up on thekm... because they'll be soo cheap!



  1. I love that outfit! And those boots will look great for France!
    Thank you for following! :)
    And yes, headbands are fantastic! Especially the ones you picked out! Super cute.

  2. thank you! haha add me to your following list? :)

  3. thx for your lovely comment !!
    of course, i would love to follow each other :)
    now i'm following you !
    love the boots, so pretty :)
    have a nice day !!
    kisses, melina

  4. Eu também preciso usar o "translator" muitas vezes!!! adorei seu blog tbm! já estou te seguindo!

  5. nice outfit, I love your sweater :)

  6. Lovely sweater.Would you like to follow each other?


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