Wednesday, 8 February 2012

fashion is the best detox

fashion is such a fashion reliever of all our stresses

even though i write a fashion blog, i hardly ever comment on fashion itself

fashion is a self expression
and its ok to stand out
i've learnt to accept people's stares when i wear something different
so what if someone judges you for wearing heels to the mall
fashion is who i am

and then some people see me as mainstream, as if normality is a thing which we can measure
people who consider themselves "indie" (individual) are quite possibly the most mistaken people i have ever met,
we are all individual, even those who attempt to copy, we all have quirks and traits that make us who we are,
you would be foolish to consider yourself individual

revelation complete, my little rant over,
as you can see im a changed person,
Europe allowed me to do a lot of thinking
its not about fitting in but accepting who i am


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